Obskura takes passive concealment in the visual spectrum to the next level.

Effective worldwide with multi-environment flexibility, Kryptek Obskura dynamically breaks-up the user’s outline for a lower probability of detection, and improves effectiveness of concealment at longer ranges with bolder, well-defined edges that cause abrupt transitions between colors and a multi-directional flow.


Breathable, waterproof, rugged and durable.

The Koldo Jacket is part of our three-ply waterproof set that keeps rain and wind out while maintaining core body temperature.
Koldo Jacket

Combine the jacket with the Koldo Pant to ensure your comfort in the backcountry during wet and extreme conditions.
Koldo Pant


The Sonora Collection is a high performance, hot weather collection featuring two ultra-lightweight pieces with advanced moisture wicking technology. Pants and hooded shirt available in multiple colors as well as Altitude and Obskura Transitional camo patterns.

Sonora Hooded Shirt
Sonora Pant

Successful field test of the new Obskura pattern in Utah.

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