Wed. Aug 5th, 2020

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Kill the Worst Parts of Yourself

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“Regret is one of the most painful wounds that all humankind shares.”~Michael Kurcina. What are you searching for? Why did you lose it? Did you give it away? Why are you looking for it now? Was it a friendship, a marriage, a dream opportunity. Was it a scholarship, a car, a home, your freedom? What was it? As we age and if we’ve been injured some of us want nothing more than to seek out a place where we can hide and emotionally die. We shut down. What are you searching for? Are you hunting for the purest thing that you lost or the precious thing you gave away? Are you tracking your past life, and the man that you used to be? Hunt out your old self, search deeply into your heart and find the wild animal that once roamed the whole wide world freely. Never stop searching for your noblest self. And the worst part, kill it. Don’t look back.”

White stag runs o’er the silent slain
Black hearted hunter yearns to live his life again
Bloody tracks break o’er the open plain
Red hearted prize for what was lost and gained
Sunset crosses and a Hellhound’s pain
Cup runneth o’er for a deadman’s reign
Blue tears trumpet what was lost, what was lost, what was lost, what was lost…

KILL the worst part of yourself and give birth to something noble within you.

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