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Words have the power to move us into cold silences and into feelings of immeasurable delight. Words in some way can more easily describe and define how we are hurting. Words allow us to feel nourished or make us feel like dying. Words can make us feel anger. Words can comfort in times of loneliness and can make us feel cynical. Why not create words that remind us to remain youthful in how we see the world and to feel that every moment is ripe for opportunity? Why not write words that reassure others to not lose heart, why not write words to inspire? Why not leave behind words that give comfort to those after we are gone? Words to give courage to soldiers, officers, fire-fighters when things are tough, words to give direction, and for leaving peace in the heart of loved-ones. Who would you leave them for? The men of your unit, your mother, your sons and daughters?

Those who are often engrossed in the hustle and bustle of city life often don’t give themselves the chance to stop and reflect on the importance of life.
Those who are able to rise with the sun and get a morning run in get a chance to do this very thing. Those who reflect as the dawn rises, who become introspective as the night comes may have a longing for doing purposeful things.

Like Chief Tecumseh they reflect on the things that are notable. If you get a chance how about writing a letter to your family. You might not be a patrolman, a Marine, a Soldier, or a fire-fighter but don’t let hardships stop you from writing something that tells your children the theme of your life and how they should live theirs. Don’t let that stop you from telling your children and their children words to live by. You may not have a second chance. Perhaps write something simple that they will remember you by:


Be patient, be strong, encourage others, don’t ever buck your commitments, live your life and not the life of others, give more than you take, stand up for what you believe in, love more than you are loved, stay humble and honor God.

It takes a moment to tune out the noise and tune into the things that are important.



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