“The expert at anything was once a beginner.”― Helen Hayes

Quote attributed to X. Even the ancients knew. Xenophon of Athens was an ancient Greek philosopher, historian, soldier and mercenary, and a student of Socrates

Shooting is a skill, and to keep it one needs practice. Repetitive instruction builds the skills you need for shooting quickly and accurately. Different drills are used to develop different skills.

Shooting practice allows a shooter to have a better conceptual understanding of such things as: stance, shot placement, trigger control, movement, and sight alignment.  Shooting drills also lets new shooters see how they’re handling/manipulating their firearm. Doing shooting drills such as those performed by Spotter Up writer Jon allows new shooters to track their shooting progress over time as they shoot.

Shooters build up their upper body strength, balance and coordination, confidence and a litany of other things beneficial to the mind and body. Here are a few of his drills:


This drill is what Jon likes to call “transitions for dayz”. It will force you to rotate your body a lot. Long and short transitions. Listen to the cadence, that’s what you want.


This drill is another modified @wayofthegun_frank_proctor drill called 30 rounds to freedom. It works more quick movement, establishing your grip/position and spacial awareness. Fun and exhausting at the same time. Jon dropped one being over zealous and by the end you can see him getting tired. Give it a try. (use cones if you have them.)


This is a longer drill that works target transitions and shooting on the move. If you don’t do yoga you may have an issue! 🤣

Jon states, “I like to mix in performance shooting drills into my regular practice for a variety of reasons. For one, efficiency. Look at most professional shooters and how efficient they are. I think blending of the defensive and performance have improved my shooting dramatically. Be open-minded and go learn.”

Performance can be defined as a single task that reduces a man to the level of a machine. Become the machine!

Follow Jon at IG: @littlegr33nman, FB: Jon Dufresne and Sagedynamics.org

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