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Jon Dufresne Doing Shooting Drills for Building Skills Pt 2

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“The expert at anything was once a beginner.”― Helen Hayes

Quote attributed to X. Even the ancients knew. Xenophon of Athens was an ancient Greek philosopher, historian, soldier and mercenary, and a student of Socrates

Shooting is a skill, and to keep it one needs practice. Repetitive instruction builds the skills you need for shooting quickly and accurately. Different drills are used to develop different skills.

Shooting practice allows a shooter to have a better conceptual understanding of such things as: stance, shot placement, trigger control, movement, and sight alignment.  Shooting drills also lets new shooters see how they’re handling/manipulating their firearm. Doing shooting drills such as those performed by Spotter Up writer Jon allows new shooters to track their shooting progress over time as they shoot.

Shooters build up their upper body strength, balance and coordination, confidence and a litany of other things beneficial to the mind and body. Here are some of Jon’s training tips:

“Stages or extended drill (as @cttsolutions calls them) are a great way to get out of the static bullsh*t that everyone likes. Try to create a stage or drill that encompasses multiple skills and forces you out of your comfort zone. Compete with friends and force each other to get better! All my 2 day mechanics courses now have various stages on day 2 to bring together everything from the previous day. They test known knowledge and recently learned skills!”


“Double 2-2-4-2-2 from @haleystrategicofficial. Longer drills like this keep your mind and body doing more work longer. You can easily see where you are doing well and wrong and always where to improve. Plus it’s fun. ????”



“Challenge fools! Double 1-5 drill with in 10 seconds! Not too hard. Give it a try. I also want you guys to notice something about what I did before and after the drill. Before, I did some checks on gear and notice my visualizations of the drill. It’s something I do prior to missions or stages. It applies in every arena. After, notice I didn’t look strait at the timer. I got my primary back up and running and kept the targets in check. Practice good habits! Give it a try and pay attention to what you do before, during, and after drills. Get good reps peeps. ?”


Jon stated, “I like to mix in performance shooting drills into my regular practice for a variety of reasons. For one, efficiency. Look at most professional shooters and how efficient they are. I think blending of the defensive and performance have improved my shooting dramatically. Be open-minded and go learn.”

Performance can be defined as a single task that reduces a man to the level of a machine. Become the machine!

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