Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

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We covered this shirt at the ADS Federal Range Day and it’s now available at a very affordable price of $16.99 We continue to see brands creating gear that gun users can use on and off the range. At one time it was hard to find anything other than ‘tactical’ style clothing but the industry is moving into what is known as tactical fashion. Consumers can purchase clothing that doesn’t look like they are going to take on Mosul or go bird watching. Shirts are stylish, comfortable yet functional and come in colors other than OD Green and Ranger Tan.

The Jedburgh Cover Shirt is the ideal shirt for anyone carrying a concealed firearm during plain clothes operations or for simple every day carry. Designed to have a non-tactical appearance, this athletic form-fitting shirt easily blends in with your environment, without presenting yourself as armed.

Built with lightweight, air-wicking stretch fabric, you can easily maneuver, draw, and present your weapon when needed. Special pearl button snaps and reinforced lining allow you to quickly open and clear your shirt when drawing, while minimizing your weapon profile when concealed. Three hidden pockets lined within inside of the shirt let you carry sensitive items, such as CAC cards, ID’s and money separately from your wallet.

  • Athletic fit w/ air-wicking material
  • stretch fabric for maneuverability
  • Quick-release pearl button snaps
  • Passport/ID sized breast pocket w/ button
  • Three hidden interior pockets
  • Reinforced lining for easy draws and reduced weapon “printing”
  • Stretch fabric offers the ability to present the pistol with or without concealed body armor

This shirt has been specially marked down as part of a beta test for making future improvements. As part of their purchase, you will receive a link where you can tell them how to make it better. You will also receive a special promo code to receive a discount on the final design when released.



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