This weekend my guest is Jack Hudson. Author of WHERE IS HOME. In his own words.

His book:

“My name is Jack Hudson. I’m an Ex-British Soldier with a story to tell. I enjoy writing creatively, honestly and I write with passion. After years of being at war with myself, I now pursue a life of positivity. I found that putting pen to paper has enabled me to express myself purely and vitally. In this story you can read my journey, my experiences on operations in Afghanistan and the ensuing pathway that came after.

In Spring 2020 I decided to put pen to paper during the country’s first lockdown. Originally, I began a Mental Health blog on social media in an attempt to deal with my diagnosis of PTSD and Depression. Within a month I deleted the page. Instead, I began writing my own personal story of my life, how I’d come to deploy twice on operations in the fields of Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

It’s my own brutally honest account of life, life in the military, soldiers in conflict and the aftermath. It is a story of my dark times, my best times, my early life, my passion for living and my ventures. It’s a story about my pursuit for purpose and happiness so far.

I’ve been unsure whether I should share my story with anyone else. I started writing as a way of therapy. As an attempt to understand and portray my feelings and experiences around my time in Afghanistan. It is not my aim to give you a sugar-coated movie-like story. It is a long and sometimes disjointed read. Some parts might have you hooked; others bored to death. But it’s real.

Despite being based around conflict, I believe any reader can relate to aspects of my story. We all have our demons, prisons, memories and life struggles. We all carry our own pain. We can all relate. I hope that readers can find some good from my story, despite its sometimes dark and awful nature.

There are things I have written about that are very personal to me. To allow others to read this in a way feels like a risk. But it’s my honest account of my experiences.

This is my story.” @hudsojack

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By Michael Kurcina

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