The Dump Pouch is an collaborative product between Kinetic Consulting and Flatline Fiber Co. Together we have created the dump pouch that does more and offers more to the user. Buy a Dump Pouch –… Features: Attaches behind a pouch (zero real estate taken up on your belt) Folds up very compact when not in use Compresses easily Holds up to the an Avon C50 Gas mask Has internal stretch pockets for organizing equipment Has a sintch closure to retain the things inside Drain hole The Dump Pouch is more that a standard dump pouch offering more versatility and uses.

By Jon Dufresne

Jon Dufresne is a former US Army Ranger. He deployed multiple times with the 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment to the Middle East in a variety of capacities. He is experienced in counter terrorism tactics, reconnaissance, Airborne operations and is a certified Emergency Medical Technician. His post military experiences include executive protection and various firearms and tactics training. He is currently pursuing a degree in Business Management. You can follow him on Instagram @Mochabear_actual

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