Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

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Instruments of Peace

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We spend too little time crafting our life giving instruments of peace while being too involved with our death giving instruments of war. It’s important for us to know how to do both. There is a time and place for each singly and together. With certainty relationships with our lovers can be difficult to manage at times. Sometimes our hobbies, friends or our life’s work are distractions, and they are used as a means of escaping us having deeper relationships with our partner or it acts as shielding to protect us from peering more deeply into ourselves; affairs do happen; some of us we love our businesses and hobbies more than our partners. We spend so much energy where it doesn’t count best. Maturing as a person requires us to be real in order to deal with the answers that we find. Whether we face our own shortcomings or our partners shortcomings is never palatable; perhaps we face both. Sometimes we are engrossed in habits, hobbies and work because we are selfish or our partner is selfish, or simply because we must; food must be put on the table. I sympathize with those who do multiple deployments or shift work and come back to find a house in disarray. Control what you can control and clear that AO. Perhaps it’s time for a breakup. Do we speak harshly or glibly to our other? Work on doing things that will bring peace to you and your home. I hope it will change things for the better. Nurture your children today, speak kindly to your husband or wife tonight. How many unnumbered laughs do you keep in your bag of laughter to diffuse a trying situation? How many innumerable kisses do you keep for your wife’s sublime mouth and body. Don’t be a selfish bastard, stop holding back on the kindness. How many unwanted names do you call him, how many unguessed abuses can you use today that break her down? Work on your relationships today. Write a love song, or a poem, learn how to plant flowers and give them one. Read a book together. Spend some time refining your instruments of peace today because no doubt you have plenty of instruments for war. 📸 @yega_den

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