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HWI KTS100/300 Tactical Glove Review

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Are you looking for a brand of gloves that you can rely on in whatever line of duty you work in? I have had the opportunity to work with HWI and test a pair of gloves that have shown great value after evaluation.  HWI is a Tactical Duty Design glove that provides both comfort and protection.HWI has the KTS 300 Coyote Brown Touch Screen Gloves built for those needing reliabiltiy and protection in their hands.  The KTS 300 is both rugged, tactical, and hard knuckled. Providing continual protection for your hands even when you need to operate you touch screen devices.  The Clarino Synthetic Leather mixed with the ergonomic palm reinforcement of highly abrasion resistant Clarino grip material; you will not lose a hold when you grasp something using these gloves. I have used several pairs of gloves with touchscreen capability, but have had many hard times getting my phone to react to the touch while using gloves. The phone was responsive to the touch of the gloves when enough tap/pressure was applied.  For the Apple phone, when unlocking the phone, the user has to slide the screen up.  During this time I noticed some trouble with opening up the phone screen.  The gloves worked and allowed me to keep my gloves on even when using the phone, but there were some times of difficulty.  In inclement weather, it was easier to take my gloves off than try to use the touch screen capability of the gloves.  As this touch technology continues to expand; I look forward to seeing the advances with HWI. With gloves being a constant use for civilians, police, and military personnel on a day to day basis; HWI offers a one year warranty free from defects.  Companies that back their product with a warranty and offer great customer communication tend to draw my business.  A great contribution to the armed forces, HWI has provided over 3 million Army Combat Gloves to the US Military. HWI sent two pair of gloves to evaluate:  The KTS 300 and MG100.  A former Fire Fighter, Veteran, and current Explosives and Narcotic Detection/Patrol K9 handler got her hands on the MG100 and had some great feedback regarding the durability and ruggedness while working with k9’s and leashes.

  1.  Comfortability: 5/5 The gloves are great for everyday use,  whether you  are working in a garden, working in a vehicle or  holding a K9 lead. They are light enough to feel the smallest changes in the lead or the feeling of small nuts and bolts on a car, but thick enough to protect your hand.  The backside of the glove has a mesh material while allows your hands to breathe or avoid getting hot and sweaty.
  2. Durability and Dexterity: 5/5 – 5/5 Like most gloves, they break down through normal wear and tear.  The dexterity allows the user to have full range of motion with the appropriate size for each user.  The backside of the gloves has a rubber protective material over the knuckles and back of the hand, which provides more protection without sacrificing mobility in t he hand. The velcro has done well in the elements during the testing phase of the gloves.  I have seen over time in variable elements, velcro seems to lose its adhesiveness, but with HWI gloves they continue to secure around your wrist.
  3. Pros and Cons: 4/5  A great advantage with these gloves is the ability to be able to use your phone without having to take off your gloves to access your device. Only until you are in inclement weather did this really pose a difficulty.  The gloves do make it somewhat difficulty to put your finger into the trigger well of a firearm.  As, I notice this with all gloves worn during shooting, the expansion or surface area of your hand changes as well as the grip.  The grip with these gloves was paramount for handling a rifle or pistol. The gloves are made of a lightweight mesh for breathability.  The HWI gloves are easy to wash and universal enough to use for all tasks.  As gloves do wear, in the time of having these gloves, the con noticed was the seams along the inside of the hand beginning to break down.
  4. Price: 4/5 For a good pair of gloves that will fit to your lifestyle needs at a low price of $55.00, HWI Tactical Gloves are the right choice backed with a product warranty for one year.
  5. Product Total Score: 23/25

 Material DisclosureI received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer so I could test it and give my honest feedback.  I am not bound by any written, verbal, or. implied contract to give this product a good review.  All opinions are my own and are based off personal experience with the product.*The views and opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the original authors and contributors.  These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Spotter Up Magazine, the administrative staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.срочный займ на карту без отказа

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