August 18, 2022

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High Threat Concealment Releases the Newest EVO Holster

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High Threat Concealment Releases the Newest EVO Holster

HTC responds to a call for an EVO Holster for a full size weapon & light combo with the EVO for Glock Surefire

Newport News, VA – June 10th, 2017 – Today High Threat Concealment (HTC™) expands their EVO holster lineup with two new models that accommodate either the Surefire®XC1 or the X300U (A- with Rail-lock® mount or B – with T-slot mounting system) on most compact and full-size Glock® handguns. HTC released the first EVO Holsters early in 2016 for select Glock and Sig Sauer® handguns.  This “chameleon” of a holster allows shooters to configure the rig for Outside-the-Waistband (OWB), Inside-the-Waistband (IWB), or to Appendix (AIWB) carry utilizing the included hardware.

With the popularity of these “all in one” holsters, there was a growing call from customers for new variants that could also accommodate pistol-mounted lights. Today, HTC answers that call with its first two light-compatible EVO Holsters for Glock with the XC1 or X300-U series lights.

“This was an obvious next step for us. Due to the versatility of the EVO holster, it became a popular offering with our customers very quickly. We have seen a good number of our longtime professional end-users make the move from the more traditional OWB holsters to the EVO as their go-to daily carry rig. With pistol mounted lights and optics rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception, we will continue to expand our list of offerings to support our customers and their evolving needs. Our customer service department keeps track of all inquiries we get for products not currently available. When the development team sits down to decide what goes into the production queue next, this feedback helps drive those decisions. So as the demand continues to grow, expect to see more models available in the EVO lineup.”  – Adam Garrison, COO at High Threat Concealment.

HTC holsters are made of Boltaron®, a high impact thermoplastic designed specifically for exposure to extreme temperature ranges and regular abuse as is often the case in tactical applications. The best available materials, stainless steel hardware, and design based on real world experience result in equipment that is thin, lightweight, and rugged. All HTC products are proudly made in the US.

Each holster comes with the customer’s choice of either a Fold-over Belt Clip or Dual Over-hooks for IWB carry and a set of closed belt loops for OWB carry. Combine the Fold-over Belt Clip with one of the closed belt loops to switch to Appendix carry. Select between 1.5″ and 1.75″ belt widths, or get the full hardware kit to maximize carry options.

About High Threat Concealment

Founded in 2012, High Threat Concealment (HTC™) is a veteran-owned small business specializing in the development of concealable tactical gear for armed professionals looking to limit their visibility, and for citizens who demand the very best for their everyday carry equipment.  From everyday concealment to professional use in high threat environments, HTC offers scalable carry solutions to keep critical equipment available and ready at all times.

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