SWANSBORO, N.C. – September 1, 2022 – High Speed Gear® offers MultiCam® Alpine as a special request color option.

The MultiCam® Alpine™ pattern was designed for those operating in snow-covered environments with significant snowfall. Depending on the area, it can be paired with MultiCam® gear to match the amount of snow present, according to the MultiCam® website. High Speed Gear® is highly known for their functionality and versatility of products for military and law enforcement personnel. Adding this pattern to their catalog of berry compliant products, makes the HSGI® product line reach a new level with even more variety and additional opportunities for the tactical community.

With NATO-lead exercises like Cold Response in Norway, High Speed Gear® recognizes the importance of service members being able to conceal themselves from adversaries. HSGI® responded by filling the gap in the lack of tactical gear made for snowy terrain.

The U.S. Department of Defense has a renewed focus on the Artic, so the idea is for the Alpine™ pattern to provide a quick and effective means to eliminate the dark mass in a Soldier or Marines chest when they wear their plate carrier of load carrying vest outside of their over-whites.  

“Thinking about the needs of our customer base is always at the forefront on our list of priorities.  By adding the MultiCam® Alpine pattern to our line of products, we can provide more options to our customers that depend on our gear.” Said Bill Babboni, Chief Operating Officer of High Speed Gear®.

High Speed Gear® has always been dedicated to mission success and the brand prides itself on making and designing the best Battle-Proven Tactical Gear™.

Products available in MultiCam Alpine:

  • TACO®
  • Pistol TACO®
  • X2R® TACO®
  • Double Decker TACO®
  • NEO Chest Rig
  • Laser Slim-Grip® Padded Belt-Slotted
  • Laser Sure-Grip® Padded Belt-Slotted
  • Navigator Tech Pouch
  • And MORE……











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