Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

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And I Hid Until Hiding was Tired of Me

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And when love left me I ran away just like cowards do. When I couldn’t run I walked, and when I couldn’t walk I crawled, and when I couldn’t crawl much longer I hid myself away and cried. And when the crying was done I looked at the stranger in the forest water and began to ask him why he did what he did. Only when I was honest with myself did true healing begin. I journeyed far away.

I took the boats and the barges, the trams and the boxcars and hid until hiding was tired of me, and the dark threw me into the light, so I was free to pursue myself again. Like all men I can destroy and create, and in my pursuit of things I displaced my nature with too much thinking, and too much of the unnatural world and I needed a new beginning. In our pursuit of things we must upturn leaves and dirt and roots and rocks to find if something good is buried beneath the rotten trunk of our life.

Sometimes we must return to our natural self, to simple times, to contemplate mysteries and observe everything around us. If we’ve done a good job there will be something beautiful growing up from the earth. Time flows past us like a river stream. We must chose how we use it to grow. WHO ARE YOU?

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