Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

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Hey ISIS, I Think Its About Time to Kick Your A*$ Because I’m Out of Bubblegum.

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Legend has it that Roman general Scipio Aemilianus Africanus did more than just defeat Carthage in the Third Punic War (146 BC). Carthage was conquered, her citizens forced into slavery and her property sacked.

It is then said that Scipio commanded his men to plow Carthage’s fields and sow her lands with salt. The land would never regenerate and a mighty city would never rise again. He let the world know the soil was cursed. This aspect of salting the earth has been added for effect by modern historians. The question asked is, what leader today would have the guts to do something like this to ISIS? What leader is willing to annihilate ISIS before this twisted group does it to us? Are they willing to cut off the head of the snake so it can never regenerate?

On any given day, ISIS takes dozens of men, women and children and kills them, but not before plenty are tortured and raped. Those who are sold into slavery wish for death. Entire villages, town and cities are slaughtered when ISIS comes through. Sadly, they are destroying ancient sites as well.150825095654-01-isis-palmyra-super-169

  • Gone: Ruins such as Palmyra, Apamea, Dura-Europos, and the Mar Elian Monastery have all been sacked and destroyed. These revered sites are no longer with us.
  • Gone: Palmyra has been blown up by ISIS and satellite images have confirmed that the Temple of Baal Shamin has been wiped out. The United Nations reported that the Temple of Baal was destroyed just days later.
  • Gone: The Christian monastery Mar Elian Monastery has become rubble too. Nineveh, Jonah’s Tomb, Nimrud, Khorsabad are ALL GONE!
  • Gone: Mosul’s Museum and Libraries are gone or have been looted.

ISIS is radical Islam on the move and this group wants the annihilation of Israel and Christianity, it wants the annihilation of of all societal values and beliefs, and believes that it has the right to execute anyone who differs from their beliefs; this means they will execute Black Lives Matters members and those who are LGBT too.

You cannot negotiate with these people. You cannot convince them their beliefs are twisted. Terrorist scum slaughtered innocent men and women in Paris this weekend using Kalishnikovs, and suicide bomb belts.

During the G20 Summit Obama essentially told the world he was ‘staying the course’ and not changing his plans because he insisted his strategy was right. Oddly, quite a few in the media and people from the left and right side of the aisle began to question his leadership.

The California Democrat and Intelligence Committee ranking member, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, disagreed with his claim that the Islamic State is “contained.”

“I’ve never been more concerned,” she said on Monday. “I read the intelligence faithfully. ISIL is not contained. ISIL is expanding.”

In 2002 Chechen Muslim militants led by Movsar Barayev stormed the Dubrokvka Theatre and took 850 hostages. Explosives were set around the theatre and the world watched in disbelief.

The terrorists declared their willingness to die in Moscow for their cause. Putin was told if he did not end operations against the radical Islamic groups that all their hostages would be killed. They demanded Russia end the second Chechan War. Of course their demands were unreasonable. Over a two-half day period Putin patiently listened to his military advisors.

Negotiations went back and forth for days but once the terrorists began to kill hostages, Putin was done with listening. He sent in his Special Forces; the Spetsnaz operators from Federal Security Service (FSB) Alpha and Vega Groups. Every single militant was wiped off the face of the earth on orders by Putin. Not one was allowed to survive.

Reports state a toxic gas-substance was pumped into the theatre to subdue the terrorists. Once they were unconscious the Spetsnaz force shot each of them dead. About 130 hostages died due to adverse reactions to the gas. Many condemned the use of gas but the American and British governments deemed Russia’s actions justifiable. Putin was not playing around. The recent terrorist attack on a jetliner that killed all aboard demonstrates how serious Putin is. His goal isn’t to contain them. Putin’s goal is to eradicate them.

While Obama has stalled efforts to eliminate the Sunni ISIS due to a his wierd relationship with the Shia led Iran, Putin is moving ahead to accomplish more in a month than Obama did in a year. I respect Putin’s attempts to destroy ISIS though I do not hold him in the highest regard. The world knows he is shoring up Assad’s regime. Yet, we have more in common with Russia and her people than we do with ISIS. We should not contain ISIS, rather we should kill every single one of them.

The U.S. plan for Syria isn’t working. Former deputy director of the CIA Michael Morell during his appearance on Sunday on “Face the Nation” suggested America should align with Russia to deal with the Islamic State. America doesn’t have to align with Russia but he can certainly take some cues from Putin.

Remember the 1980’s cult movie called They Live with Roddy Piper? Roddy’s character discovers a pair of sunglasses capable of showing him that most of the social-elites are aliens masquerading as humans. ISIS, like the masqueraders in the movie are creatures that pretend to be people. The only way out of this world-wide mess is for Roddy to tell the whole world about their evil plan and to kill every single one of them. Salt the earth Roddy.John-Carpenter-Autographed-11x17-They-Live-Movie-Poster-Roddy-Piper-with-Gun-Photo

Roddy goes out like a hero but we’re left with the great line, “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

The President needs to man up and stop playing a political game.  Anyone watching the G20 press conference should have been angry.

America needs a President who loudly proclaims he is intent on defending this nation. The world needs a leader who would rather go out like a hero, than to worry about what he looks like on stage, because it’s insincere and people can smell that.

The world needs leaders willing to annihilate ISIS and ensure they never come back, in any form, ever again….

Obama you need to stop chewing bubblegum and start kicking some ass.