When it came to head-butting people my two roommates were experts on the matter. One of them could launch a quick and incredible knock on the brow of an opponent before his enemy got a counter-strike in. I’ve seen guys use a punch as their calling-card but my room-mate Tim put that nonsense to an end quickly by playing ‘lights-out’ with their ego and forehead.

During a drunken weekend they had a contest to see who would fall first and it wasn’t pretty. What started as a joke, ended with someone getting hurt. They were whacking each other like demented woodpeckers before one perfectly placed blow knocked the other to the ground. It was funny at first and then it finished off brutally…Each was over 6 feet tall.

At that time they weren’t particularly good at wrestling or punching but they learned to perfect this one technique.

I’ve read a lot about head butting, seen a lot of videos on head butting, and know first hand that it works in the street. I’ve done it once to a guy and it works if you can get the timing right. It can be pretty devastating to the person who is on the receiving end of the technique. I was never a pro at doing it but know the guy who is. Too bad he’s not writing his own stories here. He wasn’t a big guy. He just had the ability to read his opponent and knew how to execute the move. If he was forced into a face to face confrontation, and couldn’t walk away, he would launch his assault.

In fact my friends can confirm my story on how an obnoxious and successful men’s clothing model (you know who you are!) found out that having an athletic build doesn’t equate to fighting prowess. When the over six foot tall attacker launched his intended attack on my shorter friend, the underwear model’s front tooth was knocked out of his mouth by my buddy. Fight ended in seconds.

Hit the Forehead

A lot is written about how to do it and you don’t have to be big or tall. Being about the same size or taller than your opponent can’t hurt. The key for a good headbutt is having good timing and technique. You can spend your time getting into a punch-up but that’s not always effective. Headbutts are best used when your opponent isn’t expecting that as a fighting technique. If you’re face to face with your opponent, and can’t resolve the issue peacefully, then this is the time to prepare. It’s likely that if your opponent didn’t walk away from a silly staring contest, then it’s probable he’s going to attack.

Hit the Nose

You can choose to kick him, punch him, side-step him, whatever you want…a headbutt is just one technique that can work for you with enough practice. We’re always trying to perfect the head-butt manuever. Now, there are two situations that may occur. You may be standing face to face with your opponent, like boxers do before a fight, or you’re already in a clinch with the guy you want to knock out. I’m going to write about how to do a headbutt when you’re standing outside of a clinch.  You can also do headbutts when you’re down on the ground. This is how you can circumvent his movement:

1. Prepare for action. He’s likely to step into you. You want to get the jump on him before he has time to do something.

Head Butt 2

2. Get stabilized with your feet. You’re about to deliver a head-butt and you need good energy to inflict damage. It will be like a whiplash motion.


3. As he begins to move you simply place your hands on his chest. Don’t grab around his neck to pull him into you. If you pull him first, instead of pushing first then he will reflexively tense up his shoulders, resist and try to pull away from you.

4. So, with both hands on his chest, simply push him back while you hold onto him. As he becomes unbalanced, you will have control of him, and this is the time to pull him sharply forward into you. He’ll be like a rag doll.

5. For a good, effective head-butt don’t just tilt your head backwards as you pull him towards you. Tuck your chin to your chest.

6.  Make timing and physics work for you. Snap down with your torso AND the crown of your head onto his, while stepping into him. It’s done almost as if you are rising, this way you can hit him from a higher vantage point. Target the sensitive areas of his face and head; his cheeks, temples, nose, top of his eye sockets or lower-forehead. He should feel the damage.

Headbutt Cover

Practicing will give you a good idea of how this move is executed.

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By Michael Kurcina

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for an agency within the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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