Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

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The Grip6 Minimalist Tactical Belt

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Looking for a slick, light-weight belt for your Every Day Carry (EDC) items? Look no further than the Grip6 belt. It is made from a laser-cut aerospace grade aluminum. A perfect look perfect for business casual or outdoor adventure.

The belt is ultra slim with minimalist design as it lacks holes, tongue, punch holes, or belt loop and it is still very strong. The belt is made from a sturdy nylon webbing. Adjust the belt to your perfect length. The belt and buckles are interchangeable and they are all are made in the USA. 

The 1.5” belt webbing is made with military-grade nylon with a breaking strength of 2500 pounds. Each Grip6 buckle is laser cut and machined from 100 percent aerospace-grade aluminum.


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