January 22, 2021

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Greatness and the Imposter Syndrome

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I’m reminded of a story I read about the late great actor David Niven who once commissioned as an officer in the British commando unit. Despite his fame, money, fighting prowess, title and success with his love pursuits Niven stated he always felt like an impostor. Suave and polished, handsome and funny Niven’s notoriety opened many doors but he once stated he felt a time would come when he would be tapped on the shoulder and a man would beckon for him to follow. He would be led away for being a fraud. Niven was an accomplished yet complex and deeply insecure man. His philandering ways brought him heartache and he also humanely and compassionately experienced the death of loved ones. Did he have it all?

Today I think how many of us don’t even know what we’re even here for. As the joke goes, “I’m just here for the violence.” What is your cause? We wander around, standing in lines while gazing at our phones, and we’re following others who are just as lost, and we hold onto this feeling that there must be more to life. How many useless conversations do we partake of because we’re actually insincere, how many wasted opportunities because we are inauthentic with our time with others and also with who we’ve become? For some men there is belief that we are nothing and yet the evidence suggests we are something. Why is there this continuous conflict in our mind?

Instagram won’t allow a complex answer here for my premise but we need to look at the root causes for why we are what we think we are and realize schemas have a way of following us through life, sometimes to our detriment. In the end we should try to live vitally. Life will end one day. We don’t need to jump out of planes or go through combat first to live richly, rather we first need to be honest with our motivations so we don’t have conflicting feelings in our heart, before we end up feeling like we are fakes. Mostly act upon an honest intuition but don’t simply throw reason and morals out the window. Just my opinion #livedamnyou

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