March 1, 2021

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God bless youth

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A man can be a spectacle when he’s young. He’ll travel the globe three times over yet carries no watch to tell him that it’s midnight in Austin or ten in Dover, and that he just missed the most important appointment of his life. He cant grasp the simple and the obvious but he’ll do the most complex things. He’ll foolishly and quickly go down some dark paths, that get deeper and stranger, and will know little of the tomfoolery he did until he’s at least 50, because he hadn’t yet developed his penetrating mind. He lets the most precious hours pass away as he devours the minutes with ease. He’s a contradiction, lusting and loving, fighting and peace-making, wanting to live and die in the same moment; sometimes his brain is on fire while his heart is tired; he doesn’t truly understand a thing yet his existence wants the confusion. More more more…louder, bigger, faster and lusting after any women who helps him escape home. He’s like a son to all fathers and a brother to all men. He has no clue that he’ll die one day, perhaps early, yet he’ll waste his time walking city pavements faithful to the belief that he’ll be rich and famous. Who can blame him? He’s a boy discovering what it costs to become a man. He’s loyal even when he shouldn’t be. Make him a soldier, give him a rifle, teach him to apply his damned foolishness; he just might become the most inspiring thing the world will ever see. God bless youth. 📸 75th Ranger Regiment

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