Wed. Aug 5th, 2020

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Get Up

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Get hit, hit back harder. Get kicked, kick back harder. Where did it all begin? Maybe it started for us when we saw a mother or daughter slapped around by a father and could do nothing about it. We sucked it all up and died inside. Maybe it’s because as a child upon seeing two uneven slices of birthday cake served that we knew some sibling was going to get robbed. Maybe we got bullied. I don’t know but at some point every kid can tell when life is unfair and uneven. Maybe it’s when that kid gets older and he just SUCKS it all up and gives up, and the fight inside the MAN is gone. Don’t be that man. Don’t be the guy who holds his head in shame. Like a mark in a mirror that never comes off no matter how hard it’s scrubbed when he looks into it, like a scarlet letter he can’t remove and it never gets better. People can see a dead man walking. Don’t give in. Today, if this is the day, choose to become a man who has a fight left in him….Hold your head up, be proud and walk MAGNIFICENTLY.