Thu. Nov 14th, 2019

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Get Back to Youth

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Have you ever dreamt of somebody who is no longer with you? Perhaps you separated, perhaps you lost them to death. It happens. Perhaps you are having a hard time. We cry and weep and sleep and wake and ache without end just praying that something or someone will put and end to the way we feel. The truth is you never forget, and you shouldn’t. When dreams die we want to run away. Sometimes I think of them as a distant star lost in a sea of a million stars up in the night sky. But they are not lost. They have their place in the pantheon. One of those faraway stars is yours. Focus on that dim light and it will come to the fore. Sometimes day after day we get more confused about things that should seem so obvious to us. Memory at times asks us to go through the passages of death and see the men, or anyone for that matter, that we left behind us. We lived while someone died but we cannot stop frozen in the past if we want freedom for our crisis. Back there in those tubes and tunnels of our mind is pain, back there is loss, doubt, powerlessness, anger and more. The way is forward. In youth we watched how the stars whirled in the sky and felt alive because we submitted willingly to the unknown in order to gain experience. We walked under a blanket of night and gave into youthful moments, gave into friendship or love and gave into the unknown effortlessly. We were willing to give all to surprise, with a shocking obedience hand in hand with somebody, unsure of what would transpire, and caring little of where we went because we went together. The moon moved across the sky and tracked our moments and the smiles that broke across our faces, and shone upon the waters near the shores where we wandered. We weren’t sure how we got there but it didn’t matter. Age sometimes has us believing we know the outcome. Get back into youth, back into hopefulness, gratefulness, surprise and awe. Tonight if you get stuck in the past focus on the blessing your relationship gave you as if they are starlight illuminating the dark corridor you are wandering in. Walk to the radiance coming at the end of the tunnel. Come out strong and ready to be surprised by the future. It’s not too dark. #loss

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