G2 Ammo Research is well known for their R.I.P frangible handgun rounds that when hitting a target would break apart into nine separate would channels. But this article has nothing to do with those rounds but with a majority of their other ammo options. I contacted G2 Research and they sent me forty rounds of the Telos 9mm +P, ten rounds of R.I.P 12 gauge, forty rounds of .223 Trident and sixty rounds of Civic Duty .40 caliber. I took a day and using a variety of target attempting to see how this ammo performed.

The Telos 9mm +P is a different form of frangible rounds. The round when entering a target will break apart into seven different parts, six petals and the base creating a small slug. For the test of this ammo, we had to get creative, we lined up six pumpkins around two, two-liter bottles so we had the highest chance of catching as many petals and slugs we could. This ammo performed really well, in one case the first pumpkin was devastated, the entry wound was not that large but the exit wound leading to the second pumpkin was massive, but the second pumpkin was penetrated by the base, but the petals stuck in to skin of the pumpkin, this ammo performed as promised it shot through the first target but over penetrating to the second target or third will not happen consistently.

For shooting wise it’s a good round and it must be noted that all of these rounds are underpowered, so the maximum effective distance is significantly shorter than a basic 9mm slug and if you are using a Glock, make sure you are using an OEM barrel, there were two Glock 19s on the range that tested these rounds and the Match Grade barrel was gouged leaving a small gash in the metal but the OEM barrel was left unharmed. For reliability it gets a 9/10 because there was one failure to feed with one of the Glock 19so, out of 20rds fired that makes it 5% unreliability, effectiveness on target was 100% the entry wounds were small but exit wounds were large and over penetration did not happen.

The R.I.P 12-gauge shotgun round is just like its smaller handgun counter-part but instead of nine petals, this round has five petals and one solid slug the petals are connected too. This round has a maximum effective distance at 10 yards, this round was specifically designed for home defense and to limit penetration after entering as soft target such as a pumpkin. Now these rounds were the second hardest to find any trace of while shooting. By luck we found the base of the slug and one petal after seven rounds of firing and after all ten were fired we couldn’t find any more. The damage these rounds inflict on a target is massive, a small entry wound on the front of the pumpkin and a gaping hole out of the back of the pumpkin, the force these shells have is immense but they are under powered compared to bird shot.

Through a few tests it was determined that basic bird shot has more recoil than the slug, but that is good for follow up shots if there are multiple targets in a self-defense situation. For reliability it gets a 10/10 because there was no failure to feeds with two different shotguns a Mossberg 500 and Remington 870, out of 10rds fired that makes it 100%, effectiveness on target was 100% the entry wounds were small but exit wounds were large and over penetration was hard to determine due to the targets we were using.

The .223 Trident was the hardest to recover any rounds from, in fact after 40 rounds we only recovered one small piece of the projectile. But just as the others when the round entered the pumpkin it would expand leaving a large hole as an exit wound. These rounds have the most penetration of all the rounds that were fired. While still viable for home defense there could be an issue of over penetration as the round is still coming out of the rifle at 2680fps. These were fired out of my 16in 5.56 AR15, there was no cycling issue and at fifty yards were hitting low, in fact one round even landed in the dirt before it reached the target.

The drop off on these rounds is quick, I would suggest between twenty and thirty yards for effective penetration and reduction in over penetration. For reliability it gets a 10/10 because there was no failure to feeds with either my PMAG Gen 2 or my Sig Saur Polymer mags, effectiveness on target was 100% the entry wounds were small but exit wounds were large and over penetration did not happen, but the effective distance is much further than the other projectiles keep that in mind if you are looking at these for home or self-defense rounds.

Finally, the Civic Duty 40. Caliber. These rounds were the most impressive in my opinion on the range, I shot 40 rounds out of 60 and the other 20 were shot by a good friend. I shot these out of my Glock 22 Gen 4. I experienced 1 failure to feed but no damage on by barrel, I am still using an OEM barrel that came with my stock Glock. The first and only failure to feed happened right in the beginning but after that they performed flawlessly. The rounds at four to five yards expanded perfectly into their six-sided star. The entry wound was small but the exit wound was only beat in size by the 12 Gauge, to test reliability I ran a full extended magazine (17 round +1), I shot at one pumpkin and after 18 rounds I split the pumpkin in half due to the damage that was inflicted with the rounds.

During initial testing it went through a pumpkin and into a two-liter bottle of soda, during the second test it entered and exited both the Pumpkin and two-liter bottle, the reason I see for this is because the second two-liter acted as a buffer during the first round which stopped it in the first two-liter bottle. For reliability it gets a 9/10 because there was one failure to feed with my Glock 22, out of 40rds fired that makes it 2.5% unreliability, effectiveness on target was 100% the entry wounds were small but exit wounds were large and over penetration did not happen.

My Final thoughts, I feel that all of these rounds have a purpose for home-defense and self-defense. I recommend getting these rounds, but I would recommend checking your state laws. States like Virginia do not have a law against certain types of ammo, while states like Illinois do not allow anyone even police officers to carry hollow points. Just make sure that your state does not have any restrictions on ammo for self-defense or home- defense. If they do not then give this ammo a try and see what your thoughts on it are.

9mm Telos

·         Solid Copper / Lead Free projectile

·         10″+ of Penetration

·         7 Separate Wound Channels

·         3″+ Diameter Spread

·         Precision Machined

·         Controlled Fragmentation

·         Patent Pending

12 Gauge R.I.P

·         Base Penetration: 14-16+”

·         Trocar Penetration: 9-11″+

·         Trocar spread: 4-6+”

·         5 Fragments plus Slug: 6 Total

·         Solid Brass Projectile / Lead Free

·         Smoothbore Only

·         Not for use in Modified Barrel

·         Not for use with Choke

·         Cylinder Bore ONLY!

·         Designed For Self Defense

.223 Trident

·         24″ +/- of Penetration

·         Expands 2.5-3X initial size

·         Suppressor Safe

·         Precision Machined

·         Solid Copper / Lead Free

·         Extreme expansion through light or heavy clothing as opposed to other self defense rounds that do not expand at all.

 .40 Cal Civic Duty

Typical bonded hollow point bullets over penetrate, leading to insufficient energy transfer, damage and trauma inside the intended target. G2 Research has taken its innovative Trocar design of the solid copper R.I.P. fragmenting projectile and adapted it to the G2 Research Civic Duty expanding self-defense round. The Civic Duty round defeats barriers as effectively as the R.I.P. and expands 2.5 times its initial diameter after coming into contact with a fluid medium. The Civic Duty round expands to transfer 100% of its energy to the target. The Civic Duty Round retains 99.9% weight inside the intended target without concern of over penetration in CQB situations.

  • Extreme Expansion
  • 5.5-7.5″ Penetration
  • Solid Copper / Lead Free projectile



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Guest Contributor: Donovan Mullen is an Army Veteran and served with the military as Military Police. He’s been shooting for 15 years. He’s used military surplus firearms, modern military firearms, bolt actions, revolvers and semi-automatic handguns and rifles. With his experience, he feels that he is moderately good with firearms and their operation. He built both lower receivers he currently owns. With that knowledge and advice from a good friend he started reviewing firearms and parts.

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