April 23, 2021

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First they burn the books, then the men, then the world.

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“First they burn the books, then the men, then the world.”~Michael Kurcina.

Heinrich Heine knew it first, then Bradbury. If you want to observe the cruelest kinds of people allow stupid people to have power. Give men freedom and most will build but some will destroy. A stable society is one where every man reigns in his desire to coerce other men into being governed. Every man who wants a stable society is duty bound because he understands his gift of freedom and the worth of his being; those who do not understand this relationship and fraternal obligation have the propensity to become the cruelest of tyrants. An intelligent man understands this transaction at its most basic level and truly believes every man is equal; those who love power reject that thought of equality; they in their simple understanding believe freedom provides them unlimited rights and therefore it entitles them to impose their beliefs and rules upon others to make them less free. An education doesn’t always make you wise and it is appreciation that makes you kinder. Men should never take part in the stupid lie that they are superior to other men. Know this, some of us that have been at the bottom of the abyss and come back will fight for what is good and noble and beautiful because there is nothing good down there where the herds of unconscious asses go. Fools like donkeys drive themselves into ditches, only wise men can carry them out but would a wise man want to? #liberalism #drseuss


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