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As I was growing up in the late 1980’s through the 1990’s life was rather simple. I had both parents that constantly worked hard to advance in life. They knew what they wanted out of life and they knew how to get it… hard work.  As I was getting older and understanding the world more I noticed they were slowly instilling a good work ethic into my childhood. Being lower middle class and fighting for a higher social stature constantly drove my parents to work and of course me being the oldest child my father noticed the household chores were slacking so he offered me $10 a week to handle the dishes and trash etc. I looked at that as my first job which was rather easy and $10 is a lot of money for a kid so I was ecstatic to do it. With me having the hindsight of it now, I noticed he showed me that hard work = reward so I took that knowledge and I ran with it.

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Looking around today I don’t see that as often and it’s rather upsetting a lot of children today kind of just expect the things that most among my age bracket had to earn and were happy to. I understand as a parent now what we are doing some of you seen that life as being too harsh on the child but how can you expect them to do better in life if their handed everything? The theory has not changed in what most of us were taught that hard work = reward but at some point in time some of us lost our way and started with the participation trophies which gave the false sense of entitlement.

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I will share one of proud moments and it happened rather recently. As some of you know I have a private range and the kiddos cleaned up all the brass they must have spent two whole days out there cleaning it up. I promised them a big surprise when they were done and upon the completion I took them to the scrap yard and scrapped all of the brass it came out to just under $200 so I took them to Gamestop and got them a new PS4. Talk about a sense of pride! It was a major boost for them to know they actually earned something with hard work. I wish every parent could have felt what I felt seeing them so happy that day I passed what my parents instilled in me, that hard work = reward.

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I realize that I am raising the future of America and that responsibility is a bit overwhelming at times as I do not want to see my children acting like today’s teenagers. Turning on the news and seeing today’s college age adults fighting and protesting with a few dildos and bongs is about enough to know their parents are ashamed of them or should be. Today American culture is spinning rather rapidly out of control with the riots and the protests over quite literally the most asinine topics; somehow statues hurt feelings now? A police officer defending himself is wrong? How did we get to that point?

I stopped watching the news a few years ago because I didn’t want my kiddos seeing this mess. I understand that parenting is hard and trust me, I do but we as a society have to start working on a path to a better nation and stop politicizing every little thing as much as possible and get back to the basics. If we could build a foundation of the hard work = reward philosophy. I am willing to put money that this nation could start improving its quality of life within a generation possibly this generation if we tried hard enough. First thing to go is the constant nanny state they keeps perpetuating.

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Madness is doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting different results, and obviously we are failing so let us change some things up for once. I will even use the politicians go-to slogan “do it for the children”. Tell them every once in a while, let them fall down, let them figure things out, most importantly let them LIVE. I am certain I do not speak for myself when I say I would rather see a mature and responsible future senator or congressman than one parading around in a vagina hat or throwing a temper tantrum because they did not get their way. Let us raise a bright future for this great nation and get back to the hard work = reward philosophy. Reward the good and punish the bad and watch them succeed if you want something bad enough go out and EARN it.

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