October 6, 2022

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The Saint Factory Ep3 | Matt Kelly The Order of the Iron Rings

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Matt Kelly is a Former Texas Law-Enforcement Officer. Matt’s current passion and project he calls divinely inspired which is to create a modern-day Knighthood – The Order of the Iron Rings His mission is to create faith, fellowship, confidence and the seeking of mastery among men in today’s troubled times. The duty of the Order of the Iron Rings would be to offer products and services that benefit humanity. A Place where men aren’t afraid to be men. Men who constantly strive to become the most badass versions of themselves- physically, mentally and spiritually. A Place to reinvigorate manhood to a level of true wholeness whereby honor, integrity, capability, service, humility, love and service are its hallmarks so life can be lived to its utmost enjoyment and fulfillment. Some of the Order’s values: • We live intentionally with a purpose based in faith • We seek mastery in all worthy pursuits • We train and protect both within and outside our brotherhood • Our skills and actions serve humanity Tomorrow is promised to no one – how will you live today!?


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