August 18, 2022

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The Omega Cleaning kit contains 18 different components with a total of 400 individual items. The entire kit is disposable due to the rods and picks made from gentle material.

Kit includes:

Plastic sheet, to cover cleaning surface (5 count)

Blue absorbent pads to place over plastic sheet (5 count)

Hypoallergenic gloves (5 count)

White gloves worn over black gloves for initial wipe down ie optics (5 count)

Cleaning rod

Three different sized cleaning patches (450 count)

Razor blades (5 count)

Pipe cleaners (8 count)

Heavy duty paper towel (8 count sheets perforated to 32 squares)

Microfiber reusable washable towel (1 count)

Trash bag (5 count)

Plastic cleaning picks (4 count different style)

Double edged cleaning brush (3 count, nylon, brass, stainless steel)

Double edged 6” Q-tip/pick (50 count)

Sample of Gunfighter Gun OIL

Smaller boxes making the kit portable (2 count) Take what you need out on the range or field

There are so many different cleaning kits out there, you may not know what you may or may not need. Especially if you are a new shooter, the whole process can be quite intimidating.

The Omega cleaning kit is a universal cleaning kit that is adaptable for all calibers, making it easy and cost effective for any owner, eliminating the need to purchase separate kits. It can be used as a primary cleaning kit, or as a complimentary kit to be use along side of your already existing cleaning tools. WeaponTex has included everything you need, without the extra unnecessary tools and or the high price tag. When was the last time you purchased a weapons cleaning kit? you probably don’t remember, because most likely you didn’t purchase a full set. Instead, you picked up individual tools here and there, making your own set because you haven’t find one to your liking with the right price.

The problem with a Weapons cleaning kit’s market, is that they either do not include enough in the kit to convince the consumer they’re purchase is worth their money, or it includes too much with all the bells and whistles they probably don’t need. This sales tactics of not including enough in the lower priced kits, naturally forces the consumers to look at higher priced kits. The consumers are willing to pay full price, knowing he/she may not use all the tools, however, feel they have no choice because, some of the tools that are included, they do need. Not including the other miscellaneous cleaning supplies that needs to be purchased separately, such as Q-tips, patches, patches of different calibers, gun lubrications, which all equals to wasted time and money. The following are a few examples of cleaning kits out on market today.

Which one would you choose ?


Includes Ripcord for 9mm, .380 Cal, .38 Cal, 357 Mag Gun, Cleaning Mat 8pc of Punch Tool Set, Brass Hammer head, 3 pc Brush Set 2pc Pick Set,Magnetic tray. MSRP $64.95.


Kit includes, 8″ cable with slotted tip, 8″ and 30″ flexible cleaning rods, male and female rod handles, 6 bore brushes, (223 through 12 gauge), 10 cotton patches, obstruction removers, pin punch, NATO brush adapter, Bore reflector, Scraper, Brush, CLP. MSRP $149.99.



Kit includes an extra supply of all-caliber patches, two bottles of bore solvent, Patch savers, Obstruction removers, brush adapters, bore and 14 brass bore and chamber brushes. MSRP $149.95.

I have had the luxury in testing out WeaponTex  for approximately three months and it has made the entire process quite simple. First and foremost I am highly impressed with the attention to detail of each item included in the kit. The designer of this product’s main inspiration was cleanliness, and number one priority was quality.


Microfiber reusable, washable towel, heavy duty paper towels, plastic sheet to protect your surface, pipe cleaners, cleaning rods


Cleaning rod handle, eyelet attachments for cleaning rod, razor blades, picks, brushes, Q-tips, gloves


Cleaning patches for any caliber you own


Double edged cleaning brush (3 count, nylon, brass, stainless steel)

The kit includes plastic cover to lay down before you begin, along with absorbent pad to soak up any spillage.

It also includes two types of gloves, hypoallergenic black gloves to protect your skin from harmful chemicals, and soft white gloves to be worn over the black gloves, made from thin fabric like material, used for initial wipe down, especially your precious optic/scope. The white gloves helps smear the lubrication around and soak up any excess oil as you are cleaning your gun, and since it’s white it’s easy to see what is clean, or needs to be cleaned. Once you are finish you pick up the corners of the plastic sheet you laid down, and into the trash it goes, making it a easy clean up.

The box itself, is heavy duty making it durable for mobility, and long term use. Inside the lid includes a Modus Operandi (Latin phrase translated as method of operation, usually shortened to M.O). 

[amazon_link asins=’B01M0F4NFO’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spoup-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d27a7968-2142-11e8-b2c1-7db081c5c204′]Again the designer did not skimp out on quality. While giving you the most best bang for your buck.

The WeaponTex Omega cleaning kit makes it so convenience with your busy schedule in mind, and functionality. Every single item in this box, was designed and strategically planned to be useful, along with easy disposability.

Imagine being able to clean all these different calibers for less than $30. For 10% discount use code GIJEN at check out.


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