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Donnie Yen Kicks Ass in 60s-Set Crime Thriller CHASING THE DRAGON

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“Whatever I get in the future, you will get half.”

If you like crime movies then check out this one!

Chasing the Dragon previously known as King of Drug Dealers, is an upcoming Hong Kong-Chinese action crime drama film directed by Jason Kwan and Wong Jing. The film stars Andy Lau reprising his role as Lee Rock from the film series of the same name, Donnie Yen as Crippled Ho, based on real life gangster Ng Sek-ho. The film is about an illegal immigrant from Mainland China who sneaks into corrupt British-colonized Hong Kong in 1963 and transforms himself into a ruthless and emerging drug lord.

“Crippled Ho”, who uses his combat skills to get deep into the underground world before being physically ruined. He eventually works under the control of Chief Detective Sergeant, Lee Rock, played by Andy Lau, until the Independent Commission Against Corruption (aka the ICAC) in 1974. The full cast includes Philip KeungKang YuKent Cheng, and Bryan Larkin




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