Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

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Do Not Let It Grow

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“A man in love with his home returning to find out that it has turned into someone else’s might In fact believe that he entered through a wrong door. No spaceman from Pluto should return from his travels to find that he lives in what resembles Mars. What we love should not grow so much that we recognize it no longer. A nation without boundaries like some shapeless thing is no nation at all, and the idea of its nature should never be indeterminate to the patriot or the loyalist or a Christian come to find that he can’t worship an incomprehensible God. His door should be his door, his walls should be his walls, his home should be his home and if its address was 33 it should never be labeled 34. The common should never be mystical, the sacred never profane, nor the serious be comical. Just because the idea of identity means nothing in the brain of the modern man doesn’t mean in truth that it isn’t so.”~Michael Kurcina

*A nation is a nation because it can be defined and it is not some vague, indescribable thing.

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