April 23, 2021

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Do not expect a normal life when you give your heart to the odd gods of war.

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ORACLE. “Do not expect a normal life when you give your heart to the odd gods of war. Cut up your heart and give every precious part to the dirty and brutal lords of mayhem. Never expect it back whole; when they are done with you, expect them to return to you damaged, filthy pieces.”

Herodotus reported that before going into battle at Thermopylae, Leonidas consulted with the famous Oracle of Delphi who prophesied that either Sparta would be destroyed by the invading Persian army, or the king of Sparta would lose his life. He knew something. He would turn what might be tragedy for his nation instead into power. There was a trade to be made with the gods; he and his men would die so that other Spartans might live. He controlled the outcome of his destiny. Leonidas selected only men with living sons for his Spartan contingent, so if they fell their sons could continue their line. Expect to lose something in order to get something. The truth is life isn’t fair and the trade doesnt seem even. If you want fairness in life you need to realize it ‘ain’t’ so but life can continue if you want it to. Use your injuries to bring healing into this world. Tell your story, and the stories of your brothers and sisters. Continue…There is a good trade to be found somewhere. Begin to look back at what the oracle told you and from your odd life, GROW.

1. Life isn’t fair so do something about it.

2. Learn to convert your pain into power.

3. Dream big, don’t dream like a little worm

4. Learn to be a penetrating thinker.

5. Create something out of your experience; paint, write, sing….

6. Do this for 30 minutes every day and leave a legacy.

7. Turn the odd gods odds into your favor.

8. Heal your heart ♥️

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