Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

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Matt Victoriano front and center

Marine Scout/Sniper Matt Victoriano has written an Action/Drama script inspired by real people and events in order to help the veterans community and their interpreters.

Currently, a Hollywood producer is working with Victoriano to develop the script into a movie, but needs support from the veterans community and their supporters in order to get an actor/director to sign on to making it.

Please read the script and share with as many people as possible in order to help turn this script into a movie.


To read the script click here: The Debt of Life – Movie Script
Written By
Matt Victoriano
Inspired by real people and experiences.
WGA-W #1875587, COPYRIGHT (C) 2017

Scout Sniper Platoon 1/4 staging in Kuwait for the invasion. Best platoon, best Marines in the Marine Corps. — with Brian Hudson, Paul Stieglitz and 26 others.

Overwatch on top of the U.N. building in Baghdad — with Sean Crockett (Radio Operator, Spotter), Zachary Palmer and Zack Palmer (Best Assistant Team Leader a Team Leader could ask for, Tail End Charlie).

On our way out of Iraq!

Flight Home




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