Tactics will never be the property of one man.

With that being said, we educate our students to fully understand that tactics, are not (in most cases) a one man show. A team, is a necessary constellation of skills,experience and perception – all migrated into a collaborative work.

In this video Eli, lead instructor of Project Gecko – highlights :

1. The proper use of the wing-man constellation (formation) in relative to the frame (POE)

2. PG’s method regarding frame check for IED’s \ Obstacles, and few other important remarks.

3. Stack up & information, and tips

Another example for wing man work as seen below :

If you are LEO \ MIL and would like to use it for your active personal feel free to contact us via : http://www.projectgecko.info/contakt/


We know that people will try to copy or steal our intellectual knowledge – keep in mind that what you see, is a result of a dedicated service, and years of experience and \ is ran by only several israel instructors – So before copying and adding this knowledge to your training company, think twice, its easy to spot.

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Project Gecko is a company which specializes in the field of Tactical Training & consultant services. Their capabilities ranges from setting up Tactical courses & projects to consultant services. During their courses Gecko instructors give their participants the mental and physical tools for their personal success.

They offer a wide spectrum of programs that take place in one day classes, three-days-seminars, and events up to one week. All those programs are based and created on their knowledge which they unpack and repack in a way that will suit every participant. For Gecko the gear is just a tool and the will is the key. Gecko believes that every person who has the will, will find his place in their seminars and workshops.

The instructors behind Project Gecko are all former military personal with extended training’s and combat experience. Eliran founder of Project Gecko  was born in Israel. Before he moved to Germany he served in the IDF in one of the SF units.

Find out more about Project Gecko 

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