July 25, 2021

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Close yourself off from love

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“Close yourself off from love, put nothing on display, like a shuttered museum; no one can see how beautiful you are, your works of art; that’s how institutions and spirits die.”~Michael Kurcina.

Heal up boyo, but don’t be closed off forever. Break-ups and divorce make one feel a certain kind of poverty, the poor feeling of being unwanted. Heartache make one begin to feel like love is some kind of illusion, or a reality only meant for worthy people, or anyone but you. The gift you gave is returned and you wonder, “why me?” The one you professed to love ceases all communication. Walk with a friend, talk with a stranger, bend an ear and be eager to talk about your sorrow; hopefully a wise person will listen and direct you back to yourself before your were split in two. You will need help with your terror of being on your own again. Commit yourself to your anger, commit yourself to your sorrow, be absorbed in your pain, let truth be your teacher, be a student to the suffering. Now you must learn to be alone. Bear the solitude. Hear solitude’s beauty. Prick up your ears to the droning silence, expose your eyes to the darkness of your home and make loneliness for a time your new companion. Tend to your hobbies. When you’re done with that you must head into the world again. Be enriched by community. Leave yourself open to needing others, because someone out there will need you. Begin again.

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