Lights only work well when their lenses are clean.  CLENS provides an easy way to protect lenses during extended shooting sessions.  Just like goggle tear-offs for off-road riding, just remove the dirty CLENS to return your light to its optimal brightness.


CLENS (pronounced “cleanse”) is a set of heat-resistant clear polymer circles that are cut to fit on a wide range of flashlight and weapon-light lenses. CLENS protects the lens from carbon and other debris that can build up from the use of lights during firearms training. CLENS can be removed to quickly clean a light, rather than having to apply Vaseline before shooting, replace a lens, or risk abrasion with lens cleaners. $8.99


CLENS includes three sizes, with four cut-outs each, to fit many lights.  The largest size will fit a SureFire Fury, SureFire Intellibeam, and Streamlight Protac HL and HL-X.  The slightly smaller size fits SureFire G2X, SureFire 6PX, and Streamlight Strion.  The smallest size fits the SureFire x300U and SureFire Scout weaponlights.  We even added a couple of decals for Thyrm and Sage Instruments at the bottom of the sheet.


CLENS’ mild adhesive backing has a higher affinity for polymer than glass. This makes it easy to attach and position, without leaving adhesive on clean glass. However, adhesive may stick to a dirty or damaged lens; in this case, touching the sticky side of CLENS to any residual adhesive should remove it from the lens.

CLENS was made in collaboration with Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics / Sage Instruments.
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* Remember to follow all firearm safety rules when using CLENS, including unloading your firearm and pointing it in a safe direction when adding or removing CLENS from your weapon light.

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