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Chapter 1: Profiles of Readiness Episode 4: (Modified) Tactical Heavy

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The Crisis Application Group, or C.A.G. is a private group that consists of professionals and law-abiding citizens committed to self-defense and self-reliance. Their mission is to foster a mature network of proactive, training oriented adults and sponsor dialog across their national and international network.

Founded by retired and active duty Special Forces veterans the C.A.G. provides high quality educational content to their membership.

All content from this article courtesy of our friends at Cagmain.com. Jay Paisley (18z) ret. 5th special forces group and founder of Crisis Application Group (CAG).

Follow Jay Paisley and CAGMAIN. Check out their YouTube page.





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CAG tier 1 IFAK MSRP $99.99

CTOMS rescue/battle harness MSRP $811.29

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