Gunfighter Writer Wildman Monk

Gunfighter, Writer, Wildman, Monk. This section is for content that touches upon subjects such as philosophy, poetry, faith and masculine culture. What does it mean to be a man? The archetypes of Gunfighter/warrior (Man of Action), Writer (Man of Intellect), Wildman (Man of Emotion), Monk (Man of Spirit). We will discuss books, movies, just about anything. The Lord of Flies, Iron John, The Ways of Men, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Byron, Aurelius; how we feel about the watering down of Warrior Culture (manly culture). What are places for men to roam, what are parables-stories-myths on what is meaningful to men? Examples are TE Lawrence, Hemingway, (soldiers and writers). Yes, women are included. We will write articles on cooking and sewing.😂is my wife reading this?