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Catch a Falling Star

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There’s a great scene called Alice Jumps in the movie Last of the Mohicans. Alice would rather die than to live with Magua. The perfection of the movie is helped in great part by the dreamy soundtrack, the seriousness of the actors, and the excellent story and movie directing. As music plays, we see Alice look behind her to see the high distance between the cliff edge to the ground. She knows what she’ll do next. Magua now knows too. He drops his knife, holds his hand out and beckons her to come. In slow motion she drops off the cliff and to her death.

The lesson for us is about courage and living life on your own terms. Alice cannot go forward because to do so is death, even if she keeps her life as a slave of the Hurons. Ahead is truly a bitter lesson. She can’t go back because that time is passed. The power in this scene is that she exits the conflict and makes a move that no one could predict. She takes her consequences and they are from her choices and not those imposed upon her. Her whole being commits to action and like a spurt of fire she plunged to her death but is like an inferno lighting the way to the audience watching her fall like a star. Powerful. If we could only be so brave. It’s only a movie but it gives us much to think about.

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3 thoughts on “Catch a Falling Star

  1. Whoa, wait just a minute. It almost sounds like you are saying suicide is brave. You did, didn’t you?

    1. In the context of the movie, it makes for powerful imagery and moves the story along, as it is a romantic action film. The characters join each other in death. This post is grabbed from my IG posts and IG is limited to 300 words. I’m not an advocate for suicide. If I am able to contextualize it better I think it is good to be brave. Circumstances change the outcome of many things. Thanks

  2. I love this movie and you’re right it’s just a movie. No doubt this scene was powerful but I walked away with a different thought. Never quit. Five minutes and Hawkeye and Chingachgook might have saved her. Of course she just saw a hero fail to save her and lose his life.

    No doubt the prospect of what lay ahead would make many opt-out and that’s understandable. I wouldn’t cast judgement, but personally would be urged in my heart because of my faith to say my life is not my own to take. You don’t know what’s ahead. Keep fighting! Of course who’s to say what decision any of us would make unless the we were there. Great write up.

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