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Caracal USA Launches Their Limited Edition Pistol Line

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While at SHOT show 2017, I got the opportunity to get some trigger time and a closer look at a few of the products scheduled to come out in 2017. One of the companies that had me excited was Caracal USA. Caracal USA announced that they are going to be releasing the new Enhanced Model F in the United States with the help of Wilcox Industries. After a couple of years of planning and working to get it done, they were finally ready to start making the pistols themselves instead of relying on the slow drip of UAE imports. Watch video below:


On the 4th of July Caracal USA announced, to everyone on their mailing list, the first dealers that will be receiving and selling the Limited Edition Enhanced Model F. There are two types of the Enhanced Model F that are going to be for sale. One is a standard sight version while the other is the “Quick Sight” version.

This is the “Quick Sight” Model F. Notice the rear sight is actually part of the slide.

Personally, I found myself liking the concept behind the Quick Sight model. Both pistols are going to run around $550 at the moment. I imagine the prices will drop slightly as production of the standard Model F goes up.

So why is this a “Limited Edition” pistol? Well, this pistol is going to be a hybrid of parts made in the UAE and the US. The frame is made in the UAE and the slide assembly is all American. I think this is a great start for Caracal USA since it somewhat shows the transition from being made in the UAE to being made entirely in the US, which is the ultimate goal.

Caracal is slated to begin distributing their American made pistols later this year. Personally, I am looking forward to getting in line for an all American Quick Sight model.