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Brutal Men

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“There are basic moments and supreme moments. There are things as common as finger tips and yet as unique as finger prints. There are things as regular as a kiss and as basic as a gaze but memory and emotion and sensation make them all the more special. A gaze becomes more than a gaze, and a first handshake can become the most special thing between men of character, while a simple hug is a galaxy to your lover. When we lose someone, we know they are never coming back and it hurts so damn much. We lose a special life in our life even if death is common to all the world over. Pennies and marbles are tremendously, wondrous riches to a child. Coffee, guns, girls, beers, bros, beers, beach, whatever…common things to common men but they are richer than simple agates or carnelians, or the sun, the moon and the stars to men that appreciate them. But when a girl is gone, well, what a man thought was common, and dispensable becomes precious, treasured and irrecoverable. Don’t lose what you have brother. If you are a brutal man in this beautiful world you will NEVER understand beautiful things.”~Michael Kurcina 📸 @gymcookie_28

If you cross over to the other side with your unsound ideas and dedicate your irrational emotions to it then it’s going to be hard to put you back together. You put poison in your mind and it will be difficult to extract it no matter whether you’re young or old. The docs can cut out a part of your brain but the real source of the problem is an angry spirit and soul. Like a cancer metastasizing in the blood stream it will be the end of you. Stay tough but don’t turn. It’s up to us to be men that love the gems in this world. Love and try to understand beautiful things. The world is full of good and it is truly full of beauty despite the evil we see. Remember that to be human is the price we pay if we want to experience a full life. Unlearn what you learned.

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