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British Tactical Small Custom Utility Pouch by KITPEST

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Made by these people –


At this rate you would be forgiven for thinking that I have shares In British Tactical, I can only wish…

I’ve long said that British Tactical can produce a wide range of pouches to suit your every need and this kind of proves it.

As I’ve got one of their chest rigs on pre-order I decided I needed to populate it advance of receiving it.

I already have two pistol pouches from Morion Thread Works on standby, but they’re not going to fill the real estate (8×3) by any means.

I had an idea of what I wanted so I started to browse the site, a grenade pouch was  ordered, I just needed a utility pouch of some sort.

Over time I have amassed rather a lot of extra pouches, note the word ‘extra’ and not surplus, a pouch is never surplus to a true KitPest, it’s just not being used right now.

I did not however have a small utility pouch going spare.

I simply browsed the site until the words Custom and Small attracted my attention.


This pouch is truly customisable.

Space-wise it covers and attaches to the equivalent of four PALS columns wide by two rows high.

Once you start following the drop-down menus you will see that it’s available in Crye Multicam as standard.  You then get to the fun bit!

What do you want the rear of the pouch to be?

There are five listed options.

Just to let you know that before we get too carried away I’m not going to list each option it would take up quite a bit of space.

What about the front, what do you that made of?

Only three choices available this time.

How deep do you want it? I resisted the urge for schoolboy humour, BritTac offer three depths.

OK, how do you want to close it?

Only have a choice of two types of zip openings.

You’ve chosen the front material but what do you want on the face?

You have four options to pick from.

Finally, what about internally?

Two basic options, with or without pockets and dummy loops.

Is anyone out there any good at maths?

Just try to figure out how many different pouches can be made using the offered variations?

I’ll help, it’s 700 +.  That’s what Dave over at BritTac reckons anyway and I’m not clever enough to work it out.

Incidentally you could, on request have the pouch made in Black, Coyote Brown or Olive Drab if you prefer.

You could then also have the zip pull of the non-locking kind and then the number of variations will rise, they reckon to 2800 variations on a theme.

Not bad really is it?

Made with UK & US Military Spec materials including Crye Multicam 1000D, it’s all laser cut which means there are no loose threads from the materials with little chance of it fraying.

All the seams are all bound internally with rot proof thread.

A lifetime warranty on materials and manufacturing shows that British Tactical have every confidence in their product.


What’s not to like? You can have a small utility pouch made exactly how you want it.

One dark cloud on the horizon.

If you don’t like the way your pouch has turned out, NOT due the quality of materials or workmanship, you do not have the right to return it for a refund as its custom made.

In all fairness this makes sense as the chances of someone else ordering a pouch the same as the one you no longer want is rather small, BritTac will be stuck with it.

In Summary

No matter how outlandish the request Dave has yet to say “sorry, that’s not possible we can’t do that”

You get what you pay for, to quote a certain fast food chain, “get it your way” exactly how you want it.

Rumour has it that they, BritTac, might be making the build-a-pouch approach available to other utility pouches in their line up further into the future.


• Cost – ££££: As you’d expect the cost varies dependant on what you’ve asked for. £16.90 ($24.00) for the plain Jane (no insult intended to any Janes out there reading this) to the most bizarre combinations I made coming out at £28.09 ($40.00), direct from British Tactical at the link below

• Value for money 1-5: 5 you need to bear in mind this is subjective, as with all BritTac kit you get a lot more than what you pay for. Your individual customisation will come at an additional cost of course.

• Ease of use 1-5: 5, not only very easy to use but the selection of your personal choices is quite easy to use.

• Construction 1-5: 5 UK and US Spec materials through-out YKK coil zips, solid, and British Tactical will stand by it with their lifetime warranty on manufacturing and material.

• Allyness 1-5: 4, The plain no-frills pouch wouldn’t be that ally, however your all singing all dancing tear off mesh pouch with that clear PVC front and all the doodads is quite special…

Most of the pictures are from the British Tactical website and although may not show the small pouch they show the variations available.

This … – will take you straight to the pouch menu…

This Kit Pest Review was written by Gorgeous Jim Shoebridge and reposted with permission from the author. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!