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Blackhawk Creating Toned Down Clothing That Goes Against the Tactical Industry

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More consumers today who are interested in a toned down look but still desire performance apparel can look to the new line of clothing from Blackhawk. They’ve come out with apparel that is useful to the consumer looking to move around  crowds undetected.

We have written about this for a while, regarding the need for a toned-down ‘tactical’ style, and the industry is going in that direction. Brands like Blackhawk are a huge name when it comes to being the forerunners of tactical gear creation. Target, Walmart, and even Sears at some time jumped on the band wagon and been known to sell cargo pants, military style shirts and anything else they could make money from. Over the last few decades Blackhawk made a name for itself with duty gear that was engineered to survive in combat. They continue to create hard-wearing clothing but now with a less intense look.

Blackhawk ‘s new line of clothing features apparel is tough yet doesn’t scream out ‘tactical’ or  “I’m a bird-watcher!”. The BLACKHAWK!® Performance Polo for example actually looks quite common. Blackhawk, seizing on the input it got from consumers interested in the ‘gray man’ way of thinking, developed apparel for comfort and concealed carry yet now offer something less forceful looking on the eyes. The lines of their new garments are softer, and less structured. There is a growing desire among consumers to lower the decibels on apparel that screams out, “I carry a gun!”

The BLACKHAWK!® Performance Polo is built of a durable, quick-drying polyester, capable of repelling oil, water and stains. 

The Blackhawk 1730 shirt looks good enough to wear at the beach, dinner or for a business meeting. There is a breakaway snap placket that allows for quick access to a holstered weapon. The shirt itself is built with poplin fabric capable of repelling oil, water and stains due to their use of Teflon. The use of spandex enables the shirt to move and stretch.


The new BLACKHAWK!® Stretch Shield pant is a change up from traditional ‘tactical’ wear in that the pants are softer and less stiff.  The Shield pant features mechanical stretch rip stop fabric and articulated knees and gives the user the ability to move and flex.  While there are strategically placed pockets allowing for secured accessory storage the pants are a refreshing change from classic tactical fare.


Blackhawk’s new line up looks like really normal clothing! The clothes are breathable, durable and comfortable.

“We are excited about the extensions to the apparel line for Fall 2017 season,” Jamie Lindberg, Blackhawk Senior Manager of Apparel Merchandising, said in a press release. “We feel confident we have a comprehensive line that really aligns with our consumer expectations of performance and quality, as well as brings a modern design aesthetic to the market.”

Blackhawk’s current line of men’s apparel falls within the $50 to $100 range.

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