In this week’s episode of Beyond The Shield, Chief Joe Hoffman, and Paul Conway discuss new training developments, specifically structures that are innovating how we train. Joe shares how his team at Waukesha is using new facilities to train and how departments can work together to facilitate better training. Instagram:   / conwayshield   Website: Important links: Conway Shield:… Chief’s Choice:… Conway Shield Training:… About us: Chapters: 0:00 Introduction 2:00 Early Career 11:00 Proving and Improving yourself 22:30 The start of a project 42:00 Ideas come together 51:00 Law enforcement lessons 1:15 closing

By Paul Conway

Founder Paul J. Conway’s firefighting heritage runs deep through 3 generations. His father, the late Charles B. Conway, served 34 years with the New Berlin, WI Fire Department (21 of them as Fire Chief). Following his father’s footsteps, Paul extended the family legacy from New Berlin to the Milwaukee, WI Fire Department, serving for 31 years while rising through the ranks like his father before him. Now retired, Assistant Chief Paul J. Conway understands the value of relationships and has the utmost respect for all those who protect and serve. He understands first-hand how critical it is to have the best equipment available for firefighters and law enforcement officers. As our company continues to grow with the adapting needs of our customers, we continue our commitment to service excellence and have established Conway Shield, now offering full line protection in both the fire and law enforcement communities.

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