March 1, 2021

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Being Belonging Becoming

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My older brother and I once demolished my younger brother when we were younger. We in our infinite cruelty and laughable stupidity, injured him enough that he became a different person; our tragic actions and his decision in that sole hour of injury made him who he is today. In tears he went to his room and tore apart a toy that he loved. It wasn’t just a toy but an action figure that in some deeper sense was a summation of who he thought he was, what he wanted to be, what he thought he would become, a hero. Human beings aren’t always good at being humane like when brothers are being brothers. There is a difference between being, belonging, and becoming. Being only means we are a part of something and we exist as that idea exists yet it is separate from us. We are a police officer on a team, a family member in a family; we give little and take little from it. When we belong to something we are transformed and we too can transform what we belong to because we recognize the power in being part and parcel of an idea. A sole Marine in a Fire Team, a lone parishioner are now a unit In a Corps or a body of the church. Power can come out of belonging. When we go from just being to belonging we can start becoming something greater than ourselves. We should not tear apart what we profess to love, nor should we be a part of what we profess to hate. I am very close to my brothers. My younger brother used that moment to become an intellectual powerhouse in many ways, and emotionally strong. Some of us when we hurt are tempted to destroy ourselves or hurt something that is a representation of who we think we are. We destroy our toys, our ideas, or another human being. Wives, husband and children are not immune to the dark workings of a bitter or sad spirit. If you are part of something good, learn to sacrifice a part of yourself as a gift to the world in order to grow it, to make it last. You are part of a team, a family, a church, no doubt you belong to something so do something with it. We are only here for a short while, so work on not injuring what you love whether that be some person, some place, or some thing. Live to grow, grow to love, and become something.

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