January 19, 2021

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Be wary on the day I’m an animal

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Can you flip the switch? I can. Don’t mess around with brutal men unless you can handle their savagery because you might not like their response to what they perceive as your provocations. Some of the immoral ones don’t care about laws or your feelings. They don’t care if you’re a cop, child or a nun. Many of them have zero remorse about their evil actions and are quick to use violence as a first response to everything they don’t like. I remember drinking in a bar with a good and tough friend; before we knew it one man bumped into another man. Lighting fast three, massive sized men rushed through the crowd on the dance floor and converged upon their prey; he got the most brutal beating I’ve seen in a bar; they threw drinking glasses, bottles and used a pub table. The attackers were large yet very fast and of Samoan descent; one easily and quickly turned over a table and used it like a potato masher to beat the man over the head, almost killing him. My buddy and I jumped onto the bar and watched the fray from afar while sipping our drinks. The bar bouncers were very terrified and slow to come to the man’s aid. The attacker’s fled and were later arrested at the next bar where they were employed as bouncers. In fact we passed it earlier and recognized them from our pub crawl. Be careful of men when they act like animals. You need to respond just as savagely and with the same animal intensity, and without hesitation. You need to be terrifying while using your skills and juggling in your head some kind of response and the thought that you’re man. The one factor I’ve seen other than lack of skill that hinders men is hesitation or some kind of lack of very decisive response “Be wary on the day that I’m an animal. Today I’m a man”~Michael Kurcina

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