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“The culture of modern man is enslaved by the constant want of pleasure but the free man at the center of the arena looks back and doesn’t give a damn. Each of us has a need for happiness, enjoyment, ecstasy and other similar pleasure because it’s driven by our psychological and biological needs but the hedonist’s continual pursuit of pleasure makes him the least mature of modern men. He wants to abstain from most healthy forms of activities that strengthen the spirit because it requires for him to do some kind of suffering. He often seeks external devices to make him happy and in my opinion he is simply a childish boy rather than a serious man. The free man works to control what he feels and wants and works diligently to not be enslaved by the common man’s addictions, nor indulge in the insensible opinions of others, because he seeks internal, eternal and unearthly things. Encircled by critics he draws a line with his sword in the sand and separates himself from the mob and the masses. We should not limit our experiences to only what we can solely imagine, for that is much too small and those are the paltry dreams of worms. We should learn that by conquering our passions we can feel the glory of God by attempting to live as a Godly thing. *On a side note my Instagram page isn’t here to pleasure people and if you’re looking for external things to drive your vision of life well you are critically wrong. This is pointed at the most unimaginative of men. If you don’t like a meme or a quote, well then, create your own. Be original, be daring, be a failure too when trying something but don’t be a slave. Get out there, show others, free others be a rebel among the men in chains. If you want to be relevant change the culture but if you want to be inconsequential follow it.”~@spotterupdude

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