Sun. Jul 12th, 2020

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An Act of Dishonor Doesn’t Pollute the Blood

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Walk with pomp and pride. I don’t believe in the curses of kings. The sons and daughters of Akhenaten or the Kennedy’s, or any other royal lineage, and how they lived or died means precious little to me. An act of dishonor doesn’t pollute the blood.  Some men’s hearts are already rotten within, yet a boy who wants to be a man can choose to be unlike his kin. You are not your father. You are not his actions. You are not your mother. You are not her actions. Nothing they did in the past can stain your name, none of their actions, none of their views, none of their core beliefs can taint you. None of it is in your DNA. You have your own morals and codes and ways to live. If you are cursed then let God intervene. Be a man and a king. You are worthy of being a king, so stand up now and be one and not a slave to the way they raised you in their own broken kingdoms. All hail the King!

Curse: supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something