December 10, 2022

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American Technologies Network (ATN) Announces Partnership with World-Renowned Hunter and Outdoorsman Fred Eichler

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Doral, Fla. (October 2022) – American Technologies Network (ATN) Corp., a leader in the tech optics industry, today announced its partnership with Fred Eichler, a world-renowned outdoorsman, whose hunting passion and knowledge will help inspire outdoor enthusiasts to elevate their own hunting experiences. ATN said this partnership is timely and exciting for both its customers and hunting enthusiasts as many prepare for hunting season.
“People like Fred Eichler are the backbone of the shooting sports industry and have deep understanding and insight into this community,” ATN Corp. Chairman, Founder and CMO Marc Vayn said. “Having Fred use our products and showcase his success with them will help introduce the ATN brand to the outdoors community on a larger scale.”
As a legend in the predator hunting community, which is a huge part of ATN’s key audience, Eichler’s values and skills align well with ATN’s. Eichler’s passion for the outdoors and hunting speaks to the same outdoor-loving audience that ATN serves.
Eichler said he loves ATN products because the company constantly innovates its night and thermal optics, helping him find greater success against predators at night.
“I started using ATN products 11 years ago,” Eichler said. “The durability, long battery life, and functionality, as well as multiple options in different price ranges are what drew me to ATN. Those are the same features that have kept me a fan of ATN products for more than a decade.”
ATN customers and Fred Eichler fans can watch Eichler hunt with flagship ATN products and unveil brand new ATN gadgets on Eichler’s Instagram: @fredeichlerMOTV, and YouTube page. Hunting enthusiasts can also follow ATN’s Instagram and Facebook for additional hunting and gear updates.
ATN is focused on bringing partners like Eichler front and center to help its customers see the gear in action and learn tips and tricks from ATN pros. ATN will continue to look for strategic partnerships that align with the brand’s audience and values to further expand ATN’s product awareness and help customers experience the outdoors in a new way.

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