August 18, 2022

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Poetry: Back Into The Silent Country

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We go back into the silent country

Where the breathe of sky galactic


Hot sky acquiesces

Wild apples dandled

Birth throes skein wrapped fantastic.

Cry red into the elastic thighs of experience.

A rage of lilacs shamed birdsong into silence.

Vortical gauntlet shakes empires into earthenware

The whistling cipher of time tears every petal throne

Into a banquet of bitcheries.

Cobbled from scree, teeth rattle like warfare,

Men gobble silence, the cavities of humanity,

Rucks of bandits kicked up hell,

Horsemen drawn to war.

Like Xerxes at Abydos.

Snivelling tears for the leathered souls

Culled from the galloping belly of his havoc

Cursed infant empire crumbles




poem by Michael Kurcina

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