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Abandon the ways of Men

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“If your warrior attitude and philosophy is the blade that you live by and it has impurities that do not bind it together strongly it will shatter against an opponent’s weapon that happens to be stronger than yours. Test it, fight with it, reforge it. Do what needs to be done to make it the sharpest. Don’t be disingenuous with your heart mind and spirit.

“Abandon the ways of men and get back to yourself again.” Raise the bar in your life. Perhaps you should take a comprehensive look into yourself and figure out how to get back into doing what pleases you rather then living your life always attempting to please others, or attempting to affect a certain look, or altering your thinking in order to have a certain way of speaking.

Influence others with the good you can share rather than being influenced by others that contribute unworthily in life. Break from bad friends and bad influences. Break tradition and go your own path. Develop your own thoughts, and speak your own mind about politics, faith, and life in general rather than regurgitating what you hear others speak. But be reasonable and logical. Be your own person. Be real. Lastly, let go of the bad habits, Have real conversations about ideas and not material things.

The truth is all men have difficulty breaking bad habits and even wanting to start over again. Why even bother? Because it is hard! If a man wants to grow he needs to abandon the “ways” he picked up that are stopping him from being a real person and a force to be reckoned with. Having indifference or ignorance is no less sensible than a donkey refusing to move off the tracks when an engine comes. Just because a man’s spirit can take a lot of beatings doesn’t mean his mind holds a lot of good sense.

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