January 23, 2021

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A Real Rebellion must be Sensible

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“A real rebellion before it can be radical must be sensible, and it requires starting out with less action and more thought, has less societal analysis and needs more self-analysis. It starts out not by pointing first at what is broken or wrong with others but what needs to be fixed and made right in ourselves. Before a rock is thrown and a window is broken the real rebel will determine first whether there are any cracks in his thinking. The true radical isn’t an irrational being and if he’s honest he’ll make no war with others until he’s made war upon himself. On his path of inward enemy exploration he might discover scruples are needed as a first line of security against immoral reasoning, and he won’t ever start to put a toe in the water after he’s trespassed over a fence to attempt his rebellious swim upstream. Finding that he can’t swim he just might drown.”~Michael Kurcina

Know what you want to break or build. Know your purpose. Don’t follow the herd. Self-reflection done honestly will stop you in your tracks before you even begin to gather an arsenal to fight against those you perceive as having injured you. Before ever having a hatred for others and for mankind we would be wise to hate the evil in ourselves. Truly attempting to understand what is wrong within allows us to know why the system needs to be taken apart and rebuilt or why it should be left alone. Introspection can be a painful thing. #suburbanrebels

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