November 27, 2020

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5.11 Tactical All Missions Plate Carrier

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The 5.11 All missions plate carrier has been put the test in the Ocala National Forest training with Full Spectrum Warrior.  Having run a 5.11 plate carrier for sometime, I was eager to test this new design.  Having versatility in a plate carrier works for a wide spectrum of training needs; which the All Missions Carrier provides a multitude of options for equipment and gear set up.  The hex grid multi angle load bearing platform allows for personnel to load out the gear as necessary. One innovative design 5.11 has with this carrier is its capability to downgrade where needed to create a streamline vest and plate carrier, or to load the vest out as needed.

The concept behind this carrier adds another dynamic to the operators tradecraft.  However, a few adjustments could be made that would extremely benefit to the design.  The shoulder straps are wide and the only way to adjust them is via Velcro.  This isn’t a bad design, but for shooters preference here, I removed the pads from the 5.11 set up and added another padding to shorten the width of the shoulder straps.  Velcro is a quick and easy disconnect, but when I’m behind a rife, the width of the shoulder pad both obscures the stock of the weapon from seating properly in the collarbone or shoulder without resting on the shoulder strap itself and posing the possibility of shifting in rapid fire operations.

When running the plate carrier with all three attachments at the torso, you have:  A buckle system (one on each side of the carrier), a Velcro inner layer, and a Velcro outer layer that connects to the middle of the carrier to then be covered by the previously mentioned hex grid carrier.  The buckles with full kit compress again the side of the abdomen with all three layers of securing the carrier are in place. Again, shooters preference, I removed the buckles and ran a streamline inner Velcro before adding the hex grip cummerbund.

Sizing of a plate carrier is extremely important for the cummerbund system and before purchasing a carrier, I would recommend knowing your waist circumference in proper sizing of a plate carrier.  The 5.11 plate carrier holds a variety of armor plates, as we tested four different companies, all 10×12 size level 3+ armor.  5.11 uses an internal Velcro system for securing the armor in place once slide into the elastic strap that holds the armor tight to the carrier.  Having run this carrier extensively in the sand, Velcro can both be a great system to have, but mix it with moisture and any material such as sand, it can really obscure the sticking.  Something I would like to see in carrier systems is a potential zipper or better seal, but more easy access to plates from the carrier rather than the Velcro flaps.

The padding between the front and rear of the plate carrier is something new for me as a trainer and personally, I like the concept! Having separation from the carrier in extreme temperatures has been shown to not only provide longevity of the carrier system and the material used to make it, but also allows the operator room to breath or release heat.  The pads took some getting used to, but once you had the carrier on, tight and secure, the pads truly came in handy.  After a long day of training and running with the plate carrier, I was overall impressed with 5.11’s new design.  The versatility truly gives the operator the customizable necessities to get the operation done without having to carrier multiple designs.

Functionality: 4/5 The All Missions Carrier having such versatility allows for this piece of equipment to be utilized in the hands of many with a range of equipment specific load out capabilities. The padding provides comfort when worn for extended periods of time both in and out of a vehicle.  The shoulder straps where the main focus on functionality and versatility vs comfort and max effectiveness. Whether streamlining this carrier for a slickster style load out or packing this All Missions Carrier out with magazine load out, I would recommend this carrier.

Cost: 5/5 This carrier system originally was on the market for around $300.  This seems to be a fair price for the carrier system as many other carriers don’t have such versatility in my personal opinion that correlate to this price range.  Currently the carrier can be purchases for around $220 which is a great price for anyone looking for their first carrier or an upgrade.

Weight: 5/5 This carrier has the capability of being as light as the operator wants it or as heavy of a load out as needed.  I have run similar carriers from other companies and the weight characteristics always vary minutely.  Depending on how the personnel desires to run the set up, the weight tends to fluctuate.  In the picture below, I am running 5 fully loaded AR-15 magazines with two level 3+ armor weighing in around 23lbs.

Durability 5/5 This plate carrier was left outside in the Florida Sun for an entire day and still functional with no damage.  Tossed in the sand and rolled around In the dirt with not tears or issues in durability.  Having worn this carrier for multiple training operations and scenarios, its quite durable.  Although I am not the biggest fan of Velcro, currently this carrier stood the test with the sand and dirt obscuring the adhesive side of the Velcro.

Comfort: 4/5 The shoulder straps where the biggest issue I found with this particular set up.  Seen in the picture below, I am using another companies padding to compress 5.11 Tactical Velcro straps.  This can just be shooters preference on the type of straps and padding you choose, but the previous model, is still my favorite.  The padding in between the body and the armor truly made a difference in this carrier and others.  Having explored different designs, this seems to be most form fitting to the person running the carrier and comfortable in prolonged periods of operations standing or sitting. The design of the carrier truly allows for the personnel preference to be set up for the consumer which can add to further comfort or discomfort.

Overall 23/25 5.11 works hard to create consumer products that are both field tested and prepared for the long haul.  Having been a big fan of the 5.11 store and equipment, this was a great set up to test and continue to run and train with.  As I break this carrier in, I am sure I will find other ways to design and run a plethora of unique layouts built around the shooter or personnel using this product to defend and protect oneself.  5.11 continues to innovate their product and create a consistent product line not only keeping consumers happy, but continuing to make an impact in those working on the front lines to protect our fellow Americans.

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