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Walk Naked, Arms at Your Side

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“Many fathers fail to give their sons some very vital lessons on how to be a man. Boys grow up never knowing how to harness or suppress their aggression, they never learn the incredible powers of self-examination, or even how to love a woman, and it’s because they first didn’t learn how to honor and love themselves. Soon boys grow up to be spiritual and emotional cripples and their fault lies in simply believing that life should be all about achievement while never learning they are myopic as a whole on what else makes a man. Their parents force them young to stay in cocoons or they are crushed and pushed out of the house too soon, where they then become a cog in a collectivist machine that tramples over their individual soul. Some enter the workforce with high expectations, practical skills, and good educations but it matters not when there aren’t any prospects, and that’s where the real problems start. They assign little value to what they do and where they currently are, while inherently believing they are entitled to a greater status over other men. Sometimes they never get ahead. Some are puzzled on where to channel their energy, and if they never learn to they will become even more dysfunctional. The truth is all men in their lifetime will lose many positions, and go through many transitions. They even strip themselves of certain achievements but the best they should do is to learn how to be spiritually naked while remaining continually dignified.”~Michael Kurcina Where we fit in changes over a lifetime. But the honorable man inside should always be the same. WALK NAKED, ARMS AT YOUR SIDE.

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